Creating poetry anthology

By Faith Jensen


Faith Jensen came from a very stable and loving family that supported her in everything she did. She started writing anthology poems at the age of 14 but poetry wasn't always her favorite but she found a interest because she could talk about herself in peom form.

Where I'm from

I am from medicine from business plans and gummy bears.I am from the solid brick house(black dirt, colorful leaves, barking of dogs)

I am from the cherry blossom the roses

I am from sipping hot chocolate by the fire and hot meals from mom, dad, and sister

I am from the yelling to where we can't stand each other

From the Easter bunny knocking at your door and Santa coming down the chimney

I am from a Christian home where GODS name cannot be use in vein

I am from Africa rice and gravy

From the dog my father saved to bring home

The fight my mother got in that changed her life

I am from the photos albums that's show the greatest moments that will

Be shared generation on and never forgotten.

Narrative poem (The mane)

I live where the animals run free across a rolling grassland with shrubs and isolated trees,

But there's one animal that holds dear to my heart, Jumbo.

His fur is golden as the sun eyes are blue grey stronger than any lion and when he roars you know he is the king of the jungle.

Me and jumbo always have a magnificent time together we will play when the sun is rising to when the sun is setting. We had a bond that couldn't be broken until a hunter decided to take his life away.

But even though he is gone I can still Imagine me and him watching the sun set and the breeze gently blowing through his mane.

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Structure poem (happiness from a triangle)

The pizza came out the oven looking like it just got a tan from the sun.

Hot fresh and ready sizzling out the oven with the deliciousness

All in one bit. Tomatoe sauce is red as a lobster, the crust

Golden brown. As it hits your taste buds you feel

the greasy, cheesy, stuffed warmness

confront your heart and you

Just can't believe that

Something shape

as a triangle

can taste so


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Ode to my mother

Ode to my mother a beautiful soul, we gave me life.

Carried me in her womb for 9 months as I kicked

And punch like I was in a boxing match.

How did you feel when you felt my first kick?

You shared and had dreams for me, you

Protected me from a harsh and lonely world.

Taught me right from wrong,

taught me how to be strong and independent.

You borned a bright beautiful baby girl

but a mother bird has to let her babies go.

Mother I owe you the world everyday goes by and I see

that I am becoming more like you.

You are a hard working women

you go to work and come back tried but

still able to stand over the stove and cook for your family.

You are a angel sent from heaven

I wouldn't trade you for any other mother.

You always have my back and you always keep it straight forward.

Through loving, caring, I grew strong

I am proud to be your flesh and blood.

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Far and near (sonnet)

We laugh together, we fight together, we cry together

On terrific and horrible days you seem to make me laugh

But as days go on by it gets way better

Because you're my other half

Even from miles away you are still in my heart

We have a bond that's so strong

The distance will never break us apart

Our past is so long

We have memories that will never get lost

You have had my back through it all

In this world that we crossed

You are always there when I call

If you ever shed a tear

A true friend will be near

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The where I'm from poem was my favorite because it was a way that I got to talk about myself and look back at all the memories from the past. The style of the peom didnt really have rules you didn't have to follow a certain format you got to put whatever you wanted that represented you. My intended affect on the reader was to walk away knowing a little about me and my family history and the family I'm from and how I was raised and the traditions we do. The design of the poem was easy because there was already a template and all you had to do was fill in the blanks but you had to be created with it and make it unique. I felt good during the writing process because there was no right or wrong answer the peom was about me I got to talk about me and my family and I felt like it was easy because this is a topic I know very well but I did have to be created I had to think out of the box. The things that inspire me as a poet is the thing around me because in poetry you are talking about your emotions and how you feel about a certain thing because when i was writing these poems I just wrote about the things I adore the most in life.