Term 3 Goals ~Learning Conference~

By Bronte Sheehan

My Term 3 Goals:


1. To get a Stanine 6 or more on my next Maths PAT. To achieve this goal, I am going to go on Mathletics at least twice a week for about 20 minutes. [I have also been going to Number Works, which is an after school activity I do to help with my Maths]


2. To start reading different genres of books that are out of my 'comfort zone'. To achieve this, I am going to look at different genres of books that I wouldn't usually pick up.

Aspire to Achieve [A2A]

3. My A2A goal is to be actively involved, so I want to put my hand up more, and share my ideas and thinking. To do this, I need to put my hand up more and give it a go, even if I'm not sure of the answer.


4. In my writing, I want to try to word my sentences differently, instead of starting with 'I' all the time. To achieve this I will try and start wording my sentences differently, or look at other sentence starter options to use.

[Term 2 Goals] My Reflection:


My goal last term was to get 85% in my basic facts test and I achieved this, getting 88%, [Previously I got 62%] and I feel like this is a big improvement for me.


Last term, we did a Reading PAT, and I got a stanine 8, with 4 questions wrong from getting a stanine 9. That disappointed me, but the same thing happened last year, and I got a stanine 9 the second time we did the reading PAT. I also did 2 PROBE's at the highest level [Set 20], and got a reading age of 15+, which I was pleased with.


My goal in the Beep test, was to get 7.0 and I got 7.1, an improvement from 6.5.


My goal was to get actively involved around the school. I'm not sure if I achieved this, but I did trial for some sports, including Hockey and Volleyball, [Unfortunately, I didn't make the team in either]. But I feel good about myself for trialling anyway.

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Me reading Sherlock Holmes and the Kings Evil by Donald Thomas. Genre: Mystery.