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September 26, 2014

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iSafe* presents four free Cyber Bullying webinars:

The Low-down on Bullying: Understand and Identify Bullying

Do you, like many people, think bullying consists primarily of older boys targeting younger children? If so, that isn't always the case. Most instances of bullying occur between children who are the same age or in the same grade level. And, while direct bullying is typically the work of boys, a lot of bullying happens between girls, too. Are you able to identify the three most common forms of bullying? Join Susan Brooks-Young as she helps educators prepare to deal with bullying by (1) offering a clear definition of bullying, (2) sharing common characteristics of bullies and their victims, and (3) dispelling some bullying stereotypes.

Prevent or Defuse Bullying: Strategies for Reining in Bullying

How many times have you heard a child counseled to ignore being picked on, to toughen up, or to fight back? Many adults often fail to understand the impact bullying has on a child, and some may view it as a rite of passage. Even adults who empathize with a victim tend to shift the responsibility for correcting the situation onto the victim by suggesting that he or she change his or her behavior to make the bullying subside! Join Susan Brooks-Young as she explores tactics for identifying instances of bullying, the challenges adults face when defusing and/or preventing bullying, and common strategies and tactics that can be used to rein in bullying.

Bullying in Digital Places: Understanding Generation Mobile

Social media amplifies every aspect of teen life--good and bad. Did you know that the average age for children to receive their first cell phone is 12? At the same time, bullying peaks around middle school years. Widespread mobile device adoption by American youth has elevated cyber bullying concerns as problematic behaviors are hidden from plain sight. How can parents, teachers, and supporting adults help this networked generation? Join Kimberly Cales as she exposes the underlying mechanics of bullying in digital places, clearly defines types of cyber bullying, and provides insight into the actions that youth can take to protect themselves while making a positive impact on their wirelessly connected world.

Cyber Bullying: Essential Elements of Prevention

Cell phone bans and blocking of social sites offer schools some protection from liability, yet these solutions are not enough to address the complexities of bullying online. Cyber bullying often occurs off of school campus, outside of school hours, and on other devices besides school equipment, yet the aggression and embarrassment influence school climate and student performance. How can schools get involved and become agents of positive change in their communities? Join Kimberly Cales as she clarifies legal responsibilities and offers educators effective strategies for cyber bullying prevention.

Bullying Prevention in the Classroom

Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 1pm

This is an online event.

Please note: these four webinars are in succession on this day beginning at 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Please click here to learn more and register for any of the four free webinars. *iSafe is an awarded vendor on the DigitalEdge contract # ESD112-DE-14A.

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