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The sicsa organization has help animals since 1974 and has continued to help animals. There has been a high amount of adoption. The animals adoption it is not located in different areas , it is located in Ohio. The Society for Improvement of Condition for Stray Animals organization has four stars according to charity navigator. The charity continues saving animals from being stray and helps the town from stray animals.

What is the issue/cause that your charity support?

The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals is a private non-profit organization that helps stray animals. For the past 40 years, they have stopped over thousands of animals from becoming stray and have had about 55,000 animals adopted from them.They get their help from volunteers, donors, adopters, etc. In A video, it states that every dog that comes in, is walked 4 times a day and the cats are socialised by the volunteers. They keep the animals healthy, happy, and athletic the whole time they are there.

SICSA’s Purpose is to help the unwanted and stray animals of Ohio. In the video, it says, ¨SICSA’s goal is to find forever loving homes for as many dogs and cats as we possibly can.¨ They also ¨promote the welfare and adoption of companion animals, and nurturing loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people.”All of their animals are given behavioral tests and are checked by a medical team so all of their animals are behaved, healthy, spayed/neutered, and happy. They provide happy animals for loving families.

How did the Organization Begin & Grow into what it is Now?

SICSA started in 1974 in an individuals garage of 3 Kettering (A place in Ohio) woman who ¨felt that we should be, as a community, doing a better job with the Miami Valley stray and unwanted animals.¨ It started out very small because it was started by a community, but it bloomed into what it is now. The organization grew tremendously from what it started out as. It has grew and developed through the years.

When the SICSA started, they only had a couple of animals. They now have over 1400 animal adoptions every year. They also have neutered over 3000 animals. They also now offer a bunch of programs, like pet adoptions, foster care, pet facilitated therapy, humane education, spay/neuter assistance, and dog obedience classes. Everything has changed over the past 40 years. They now help more animals because of their programs and now are able to help more families.

What does your chosen charity do for the community?

The Sicsa charity does many thing for the community it prevent animals from becoming stray. The charity wants for animals that are stray to have a human bond. Sicsa is helping to stop putting animals down because they are a danger hazard the organization has help get many animals adopted. They use their contribution goes to mostly the program according to Charity Navigator.

The mission for Sisca is keep helping the stray and unwanted animals in their community.

The charity help the danger of overpopulation in the community and the animals getting put down. They have saved over thousand animals from becoming stray. They give the animals that they rescued a higher chance of dying. They also have a high income of contributing, grants,gifts to help them find homes for the stray animals. They have helped over 50,000 animals get adopted.

How effective is this charity in accomplishing its goals?

The organization, SICSA, is very effective at accomplishing their goals. According to sicsa ,” Since 1974 SICSA has been dedicated to helping the homeless, stray, and the unwanted animals.” The charity have help animal that are stray. The mission of SICSA is to help animal that need help or a home. According to Charity navigator 86.7% of the money goes to the program.” The organization is using the money the charity raise goes to the program to the animal that the organization receive. Charity Navigator states,”4.5% of the money the charity have goes to having another fundraiser.

The organization is an effective organization; they do not diversion of the assets. Charity Navigator states,”8.8% of the assets, charity earns goes to administrative.” Not much of the many earnings the get for the charity goes to the administrative the charity Net income is $2,962,130 the organization use to divide the appropriate spot the will be useful for the animals. The organization has helped animals since 1974.

mission statement

"Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals' (SICSA) mission is to promote the welfare of dogs and cats and to nurture the human/animal bond. Since 1974, SICSA has been dedicated to helping the homeless, stray and unwanted animals in Kettering, Ohio, Dayton and the Miami Valley. SICSA offers numerous animal-centered programs and services. These programs include pet adoptions, foster care, pet facilitated therapy, humane education, spay/neuter assistance, and dog obedience training classes."-Charity Navigator


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