AISB MS/HS Library

September 2014: News from "The Pit"

Summer "Refresh" in the library

Wondering about the changes over the summer in the library?

Here's what we did:

Moved the books in the HS Fiction area to the old computer lab area

Moved the projector and screen to make a larger meeting space

Moved most desktop computers to the ES to make room for our students' laptops

Designed and built round counters, tables with plugs, and a "snack" counter

Installed a digital sign to display library and school news

Request books

Would you like the library to buy a particular book? You can request it HERE. We place large orders 2-3 times each year, and we can also special order titles from Bestsellers Bookstore in Budapest.

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Your library staff

Sarah Ducharme, Librarian

Agnes Steger, Library Assistant

"We Love to Help You Do Your Best"