A Very Important Day

By: Haley Wicks

Interview with Jihan and Her Very Important Day.

Question: Was it scary coming into a different country?

Jihan: I was kinda scared coming into a different country.

Question: Did you ever celebrate coming into the country?

Jihan: I celebrated by eating waffles.

Question: How did you travel?

Jihan: I traveled on a bus that was really busy.

Question: Were are you from?

Jihan: Me and my family are from Egypt.

Question: Are you happy were you are living now?

Jihan: I am happy but said because I will miss all of my friends back in Egypt.

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Article About Jihan

Jihan was celebrating for a very important day. She was eating waffles to celebrate. She was about to become an American citizen. She was scared she missed every one but she was happy.