Who We Are

Nature of Self and Community

Central Idea

Responsibilities established in a community reflect the beliefs and values of its members.

Lines of Inquiry

  • An inquiry into: Diversity of the people in a community.

  • An inquiry into: The development and purpose of rules and responsibilities.

  • An inquiry into: The impact of beliefs and values among communities.

Key Concepts

What big ideas will we be focusing our learning around?

Learner Profiles

What attributes will be be learning about and practicing?

Family Discussion Questions

These discussion questions will help your child make connections outside of the classroom. This will deepen their learning including their ability to ask their own questions and discuss complex concepts.

  • Where can symbols be found in and around our home?
  • How do we address conflict at home?
  • What questions do we have about rules and/or conflict?
  • How do community members work together?

Family Engagement

We value your knowledge, time, and dedication to you child and their education. Hearing from families helps students make connections and strength their learning.

Please choose one prompt to complete by 9/24:

1) In class/virtual class visit: Describe your morning routine on a school day. How are responsibilities similar and different between adults and kids during your morning routine?

2) Send in a short video clip of your family discussing- What rules do you have in your household? How did you develop your rules?

3) Send in a picture of how your family sets the table for dinner.

Videos and pictures can be shared via Class Dojo messaging or email. In class/virtual class visit can be scheduled by contacting your child鈥檚 homeroom teacher.

Inquiry: How do beliefs and values shape communities?

Wellbeing For Children: Identity And Values
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Diversity and Inclusion Animated Stories For Kids | Jason I am

Books to Enjoy

馃摎The Big Umbrella | Kids Books That Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion | Clark's Cozy Corner
Read Aloud: Our Values: My Community

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