By: Keven S, Matt G, Owen H

Mercantilism vs Capitalism & Columbian Exchange vs Internet


Britain wanted there country ran right and this was through changing how they import and export. The colonies of Britain were taking in the most income for it's country. Britain had put may restriction on what the colonies could buy and sell. They put limits on what they could sell, what ships they could use and even who they could trade to. The Navigation act is an act that lead to many people wanting to revolt and much corruption in the colonies and country. Any goods being shipped to America from any colony or country had to be shipped through Britain. Taxes were soon created to try and stop smugglers from moving goods from country to country and this had made certain colonist shocked.
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Capitalism is an economic practice and a political system where countries import/export and industries are controlled by private owners for income, instead of the state. Profitable free markets and they're claim promotes individual freedom. Capitalism goes back all the way to the 18th and 19th centuries in Western Europe, the Netherlands, and Britain when they first created joint-stock companies driving up economics and trade.
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What is Capitalism?

The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian exchange is in reference to Christopher Columbus. The Columbian Exchange was the trading of North and South America's and Europe's goods. The Columbian Exchange helped made it easier to grow crop as it was cheaper and easier to make more. Without The Columbian Exchange, North and South America would not be the same as it is now. Both of the Continents had exchanged crops, animals, diseases, and advancements in technology. This exchange had ensued rural advancements, evolution of war, increased life expectancy, and even education. One very big piece of technology exchanged was the written alphabet.
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The Columbian Exchange | Description


The Internet

The internet, used to contact relatives friends and other acquaintances‎, and even meet new people too. It was created in the early 1960's for the military. We can mold and use the internet to what ever we want it to be, wether that be bad or good. Over 100 million people have used the internet, and the internet has been one of the most revolutionary ways of communication and technology and making new inventions.
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What is the world wide web? - Twila Camp




  • It was made to make countries more profit
  • Made to have wanted ration of importing to exporting
  • Was made to keep private employment going
  • It gives us the idea of completing the development of all natural sources
  • It encourages hoarding
  • The whole system isn't very efficient (ex: the cost involved with shipping this back and forth
  • There is a risk of local supplies running out


  • No better systems have been found, so far
  • Businesses can create prices to their choice
  • Economic and Political freedom
  • There actually is not an equal opportunity
  • There is an abuse of the system where people take advantage of freedoms
  • It creates a money centered economy: focuses too much on making money


Overall with these two, it shows that both Mercantilism and Capitalism have some controversy with bad behavior because Mercantilism encouraged hoarding and capitalism had abuse to it's system. Both mercantilism and capitalism worked (somewhat) during the time it was active, but they still have some controversy around them. Capitalism is what is currently used today.



  • Many types of animals were brought from Europe to North and South America
  • It brought many crops from Europe to North and South America too
  • American had traded for pigs which had helped them as they did not have a source of meat
  • Europe and the Americas were allied and they were allowed to trade with one another


  • Disease was brought from Europe to the Americas such as smallpox, malaria, and measles and they travel quickly all over
  • Many human rights were violated by the slave trade
  • An abundance of Native Americans were killed by disease and and explorers
  • It caused the inhumane treatment of native american and African slaves



  • Important information could be sent through the world much quicker
  • You can buy almost anything off the internet now such as grocery, clothes, and other devices just from a click of a button
  • It is much easier to communicate with people
  • You can take classes online that can take you through your college experience


  • Many people have their personell information hacked
  • Some things that shouldn't be on the internet can be spread around very quickly
  • So many people are "Addicted" to the internet and have trouble not using it for an amount of time
  • You can have anyone post on the internet and say what they want with out permission and it could have false information


What I've could learn from this is that Mercantilism definitely helped enrich the mother countries, but at anytime it could have backfired and result in countries losing a lot of profit. Capitalism had approved of businesses creating their own profits for what suits them best, but the chance is not there for everybody. The Columbian Exchange had brought many crops and animals to North and South America, but there was a price. There was diseases like smallpox and measles. The internet let us talk to whoever whenever we want and let us get information to people quicker. But there is a chance of getting hack and "addicted."

Now What?

I don't think that the world isn't safe as it is. During the times of The Columbian Exchange, so much diseases were were traveling all over the world and many could not be cured by the country they were at as they had not been immune it. Also many countries did not have the technology to try to find a way to cure it. And this kind of events are still happening today. This is because America imports and exports things all over the world. In the late 2014 there was a big Ebola scare as America had been taken some people back who had been found diagnosed with it. America needs to make sure they do not repeat history and cause mass death like what had happened during The Columbian Exchange.

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