Assessments for Success!!!

The reason for assessments....

"Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students. "

My prospective on Lopez quote about “Assessments" is that it is true. Not only is the assessment beneficial for the student , but for the teacher as well in many ways. I believe this quote will help us as educators work to help students in areas where there are weak. We can do this by providing students with the activities that they need that will help them build learning skills such as reading, language, and cognitive. To focus solely on a child’s ability is for the best interest of the child and not just for the assessment.

Defending Assessment Practices.....

  • I believe assessments can be a helpful tool to helps the teacher to find the strengths and weaknesses areas of the child’s learning skills.
  • Although i don't have a classroom of my own, but in the future I will know that through trial and error will equal success.
  • I do agree that there could be some assessments that may not help students but there are so that have a purpose and that will help students in areas where they are weak to measure their development