Bradley Wonders Newsletter

Week of February 1-5

Happy Friday!

Hi Parents,

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather that is supposed to be here Saturday. I am ready for spring time and warmer weather. :)

Here is a note from Mr. Howse for Valentin'e next month. (It can also be found on eNews)


On Thursday, February 11th , your child is welcome to bring in valentines cards and/or candy to pass out to the class. This is okay with us just as long as the students have enough for everyone in the class. While we are not encouraging you to send in candy, please follow the school policy of peanut and tree nut-free candy and have each candy item individually wrapped if you choose to send candy. The students will not be allowed to eat any candy here at school and will be asked to take it home to enjoy! Please refrain from sending individual gifts as those will be sent back home with your child; we are not allowed to distribute those. We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your family.

Mr. Howse

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Class Goal:

As a class we will fill the marble jar 2 times this quarter.

As a class we will read a total of 40,000 minutes.

Grade Level Goal:

As a 4th grade we will earn a 87% or higher on our math tests.

As a 4th grade we will have 97% attendance each week.

Curriculum Highlights


We have been comparing multiple non fiction text and gathering information to answer specific questions.


We have started researching our specific natural disaster. Students will be creating their own informational picture book with 3-4 chapters. The chapters will teach the reader about the natural disaster but also a specific disaster that has occurred in history. They are using multiple resources to find their information.


We are learning about the changing Earth and how they create volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes.


Students are learning about factors, prime and composite numbers and simple fractions. Math Study Guide is due February 2nd. Math Test is February 4th.

Celebration Corner

Great job to our class for reading 16,000 minutes within 3 weeks! Yay!!

Congratulations to our top readers this week:

  • AnnElise with 860 minutes
  • Benji with 750 minutes
  • Sahasra with 740 minutes

Homework for the Week

  • Study Island- ELA #10- Progressive Tenses (Due Friday, Feb. 5th @ 8am)
  • Reading Log- 90 minutes a week. Sheet went home today.
  • Study Spelling Words
  • Study Guide due Feb. 2nd.
  • Study for Math Test Feb. 4th

Upcoming Events

February 1- Counselor Visit with Mr. Marian

February 2-Math Study Guide Due

February 3- Crider Counseling Visit

February 4-Math Test

February 5- Reading Log, Spelling Test, Study Island, Talent Show Tryouts 5-7pm

February 11- Celebrate Valentine's Day

February 12- No School- Teacher PD

February 14- Happy Valentine's Day

February 15- No School

Spelling Words

Rule: y as short i- Greek rule
1. cynical
2. cylinder
3. synonym
4. symbol
5. crystal

6. symmetry

7. gymnasium

8. sympathy

9. system

10. symptom