The Weekly Hoot

June 6-12, 2016

Greetings All -

Well, the first week of summer is already over!!! How did that happen?? By the looks of FB, many of you have been cleaning, cooking, relaxing, and some are already even traveling!

It was the craziest end-of-school time ever, but things seem to be getting into a groove now. Kindergarten has come up and done their two days of prep time. I don't know if they will say the same thing or not, but I feel the outcome of those two days was soooo worth it! I am looking forward to the rest of our teams coming up as well.

Our doors have all been re-coded, so if you need the new door code, please text me, or better yet, come when some of us are there during the summer so you can visit!

Green hall is close to being finished as far as waxing and cleaning go. I will check on Monday to see how complete it is and text all of you who have a room up there to let you know it is fine to come up whenever. We still don't have all of the furniture moved, but it will happen before school begins I promise!

Rumor has it that our new superintendent, Mr. Scott Beene, will begin work on Monday. I am excited to begin working with him, as I know all of you are as well.

We have been busy at school getting things wrapped up from last year and beginning to focus on next year. Summer school is underway with Amy Keally and Michelle Moreland doing an amazing job! Our first library day is this Monday. Amanda Sechelski and Kelley Tagudin are going to do the story hour from 6-7 PM with a County Fair theme. How appropriate is that for this week! :)

Don't forget to send in photos as you are out and about doing things this summer. I have a few to get us started. Don't be shy! Email them to me if you can and you can be featured in the Hoot!

Everyone have a great week! I will see a lot of you out and about at the fair I am sure!

-- Marcy :)

Owl Wings This Week Go To...

Nicole Lolley for coming up on the Tuesday after school let out in order to give her PK babies a party! It was well attended and the ice cream sundaes were delicious! Thanks Lolley for always putting your students first! :)

Quote of the Week

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Birthdays this Week...

10 - Brittni Canizaro

Your Week at a Glance...

Monday, June 6

Summer School (8:00-11:30 AM)

Tuesday, June 7

Summer School (8:00-11:30 AM)

Library open (9 AM - 3 PM)

Library Story Hour - 6:00 PM

"County Fair" - Kelley Tagudin and Amanda Sechelski host

Wednesday, June 8

Summer School (8:00-11:30 AM

Marcy and Amanda Sechelski @ TPRI training in Houston

Thursday, June 9

Summer School (8:00-11:30 AM)

Friday, June 10

School closed today!