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My name is Haiden Turner from forney Texas I was born in Dallas Texas at Baylor hospital I lived in forney my whole life from pre k till now my hobbys are playing basketball with my friends when I started to play I was in second grade I was one of the worst by my 6th grade year I was one of the best players at my school my 7th grade year I was a starting player on a team another one of my hobbys is playing football I am playing this year un like last year I was in p.e until the coaches begged me to play basketball he has seen me playing in p.e I was faking people every witch way coach hill said have you. Ever thought about trying out for the basketball team I responded yes sir he said in looking forward to seeing you at the tryouts on Monday I thought about it all day and when I got home I told my mom about it I said can she take me to basketball practice in the morning the coaches asked who I was I told them I was Haiden Turner coach hill wanted me to come to the tryouts to day he came to I was he said you ready son I said yes sir I did good at tryouts I was the first on the Layups I made all of them he later told me that I was on a team he said I was a starting Powerforward that season we lost only 3 games that season made me who I am today

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When I was 11 is when I really had a strong love for basketball I just loved everything about it I knew all the Allstars and there teams my personal favorite was Kevin durant he played for the Seattle super sonics he wore number 35 cause that's he his dad's number from high school Kevin Durant led his team in his rookie year to a 67 and 30 season I had all his shoes the kd 1s 2s 3 and 5,6,7s and wanting the 8s

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Something about my parents they are separated I live with my mom and grandparents I have a younger brother and sister my brother lives with my dad and step mom in Terrell my sister live with me here in forney Even tho my parents don't live together they act the same my mom likes to trash talk and my dad is a huge trash talker I grew up learning how to talk trash I told on of my friends I will be on top of the world one day and I'm still grinding some times my mouth gets me in trouble at games just last year I said you suck how did you make it this far srub there's no way you should have made while my coach was listening to me talk so a play later he calls a timeout and takes me out of the game he asked you know why I'm taking you on I said no sir he said cause you told that boy that he should have made it this far I said I didn't mean anything by it the coach said how does he know that You hurt his feelings so the rest of the game I sat there