This Is In Our Hands

This is our world. This is our choice. This is our future.

Cougars Are Endangered!!!

They are endagered because we are shooting them. Over 100 mothers a year are being shot. They carry up to 5 cubs. When they die the cubs do too. They can't produce that fast!

How can we help?

-WWF has the idea " an event where nobody shoots animals for a month." After we could hold a law where there is a limit of animals you can shoot and a time zone.

It's our FAULT! It's our TIME. It's something WE can do.


With The Food Chain

The cougar eats a variety of animals. If the cougars go then who will eat those animals? The animal kingdom will fall apart and this will affect us!

And with what we are using them for

The coats and neckalaces and what we are using the body for will be gone