Christopher Columbus

The New World Awaits Us

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Christopher Columbus YouTube Video.

A Animated Video that shows what really happened to Christopher Columbus.

Another Video that shows Chris and His Crew On Voyage.

This is a non Talking video and it states a lot of important facts.

Back Ground On Christopher Columbus

Christopher was Born on October 31,1451 and Died May 20, 1506 the place he was born button was Genoa, Italy and the place of his death Valladolid, Spain Court

More Back Ground of Christopher Columbus

  • Best known as an Italian That Discovered The New World. He was a don of a weaver. His first Ride on a ship was when he was a teenager and he rode the Mediterranean sea and Aegean sea he was trading goods when he was on the ride.

The Voyage of Christopher Columbus

This is a map that Christopher Columbus took when finding the new world.
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Christoper Columbus Ride

This is a picture that Christopher Columbus's Ship When riding to find the new world
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Christopher Columbus

Friday, March 28th, 9pm


On August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus set sail to find and prove that the world is round and then ended up finding America

Achievements and Discovery's

  • One of his achievements is Finding the new world we call today is United State of America

  • His wife had a kid before she shortly passed away after having the kid

  • He got married

  • He Found a small village of natives and he was Friendly and started Claiming some land.

Impacted Our World Today Because...

In our world today we have more population but have where we live now is a big deal. If Christopher Columbus did not find our United States/new world to them, then we wouldn't have the same world as we do now.We Maybe Have been another religion or maybe another racism. Again if Christopher Columbus Did not find America then we wouldn't have the same world as we do now.