Principal Update

Week of March 7th

Each morning we observe the moment of silence immediately after the late bell. Please refrain from talking or moving in the building during this time. I plan to put this in our parent newsletter so parents entering the office will understand. We need to model respecting this time for our students.

Please remember that observing peers is an opportunity to learn. The goal when observing others is to acquire skills or strategies that you might be able to use with your students. Hopefully, observing others will also spark reflections and ideas that will allow you to meet the needs of every student. Don't forget to post your reflections of peer observations in Canvas. It is also an expectation that principals visit other schools each year to learn as well as share with other principals.

Melanie Westmoreland will be here on Tuesday to observe in K5 - 2nd grades. Liz Bridges will be here on Thursday to observe 3rd 5th grades. Our instructional specialists are here to provide support for literacy instruction. Please utilize them to improve student achievement.

Our staff development on Tuesday will be school wide data analysis and a self-assessment of where we are on our journey to becoming a Professional Learning Community.

March 14th is a Professional/Work Day

Grade levels will collaborate for two hours and the remainder of the day is a workday. Instructional specialists will be here to support our professional development time. Breakfast will be provided by Bojangles' compliments of John Wimmer winning the half time contest at the Back the Pack Winthrop basketball game. Lunch will be provided by Catawba Baptist church.

March 22

Grade levels will be collaborating with Mt. Holly teachers to discuss essential learning. Details will be in an upcoming Principals' Update.

Professional Learning Community Corner

What Goals will Data Inform?

PLC team SMART goals"






Thank you for your hard work in identifying essential learning and creating common formative assessments!

"Our school values earning, achievement, collaboration, and responsibility as cornerstones of our learning community."