George Washington

An amazing man with a amazing life

A Wonderful Man

George Washington is a very heroic man with an amazing story. George was a brilliant man and that's just a understatement. He was a kind and honest person from the beginning. now here is his story.

His Story

Early Life

When George was a young boy he had got a new hatchet he thought it was so cool that he chopped down his fathers prized cherry tree. he was so honest he came right out and told the truth. Also, at age 7-15 he was home schooled mastering school in Math, Latin, and English. in his early teens he got in the tabacco business. he was soon schooled in the finer colonial culture.

middle life

later in his life Robert Dinwiddle gave George a big rank in the Virginia militia. George was sent to tell the French to leave the Britain land. the French refused. George cam back but soon was sent to attack the French post killing the commander. just like that the French and Indian War began. the French attacked this sent George back to his post. George retired from the military. he married Martha Curtis. George went back to the military and after the battles of concord he was elected general. The revolution soon began. in 1766 they sneaked attacked the British and won. Alost a year later the British had to surrender their men after they went to battle in new England. the French soon allied with America. but the toughest time came in winter 1777. people were dying from the diseases but, they came out strong and ready. they went to attack the British in York town Virginia. Cornwallis ,the general of the British army, fought of as long as he could but he soon surrendered. America had won the war.

later life

Soon after the war George was elected president. While he was in the office he seved his country go for 2 terms. When he got back he sadly died on December 14, 1799.

George Washington was truly a very honest and nice man. He was not a greedy man. He was selfless and a lovely person to be around. George Washington loved his country and served it well :).

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When a man did his best do not scold him - George Washington.

Fun Facts

  • His father died when George was 11.
  • He did not have any children of his own but Martha brought her children.
  • He had several horses through out the war not just the white one.

The names known are nelson and blueskin.