Gilded Age


By Grant Giffen

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Andrew Carnegie

He was the largest steel producer of the gilded age. He started the Carnegie steel company in 1892. Him selling steel helped with many railroads, especially the transcontinental railroad.
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Thomas Edison

He invented the light bulb in 1876 and the first publicly demenstrations of it was in 1879. The lightbulb was finished in Menlo park. Between 1878 and 1880 Thomas Edison and his workers at the lab tested over 3,000 designs for the lightbulb. Thomas Edison's lightbulb burned for 50 days.
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Child Labor

Children worked in dangerous conditions for long hours with no breaks and little pay. More then 750,000 kids under the age of 15 worked in America during the gilded age. In the 20th century the number raised to 2 million kids working under the age of 15 in America.
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Effect On Native Americans

Many of the most well known conflicts between the U.S. and the Indians occurred during and after the civil war until about the 1890's. The Native Americans were promised land that was never given to them. If there was gold on their land they were kicked out. The railroad workers would shoot bison to try and kill Indians.