Elementary School Teacher

What I want to be!!


$51,380 per year

Education necessary to do the job successfully

To be a teacher you need at least a bachelor's degree. A public teacher ,however, must have a state issued certification or licence.

Job Description/Duties

The job/duties of this job is to be able to teach kids. The main things that you teach is reading and math, you also teach them manners and all the basics, (Alphabet etc.). As a teacher you have to grade all of the papers you give them to do.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

The relationship between the environment and being a teacher is that you get to teach the kids about the environment. You can also teach them not to litter and show them how bad it is for the planet. Then at the end of the environment unit you can take the kids outside and show them how much litter there is. After we would take a day and walk around the school picking up litter.

Advantages of being a teacher

One big advantage to being a teacher is to watch kids improve. At the beginning of the year they might come in and not be able to add double digit numbers and by the end of the year they would. You also get to see them improve on their reading.

Disadvantages of being a teacher

One big disadvantage to being a teacher is that you have to come into work earlier. So if school starts at 7 you might have to come in a half hour early. You also have to stay later after school to grade papers and make the lesson plans.

interesting facts

One interesting fact I found was how much teachers get paid. I had no idea how much they got paid and if anything I thought they got paid less.