Jesse owens

By: Anyssa Herran

What was Jesse owens

Jesse Owens is a track and field and athlete. Jesse birth date is September, 12 1913 he was born in Orville, Alabama. Jesse death date march 31 1980, Jesse died in Tucson Arizona.

What is Jesse Owens famous for

Jesse Owens is famous for being an African american track field athlete in Lawrence country. Jesse is know as one of the famous athletes of all times. he is the best know as the world recard sitter in athletes.

What is Jesse Owens education

Jesse Owens Eradication was awesome. Jesse went to enroll at Bolton elementary school . Jesse Owens went to high school at at Cleveland east technical high school and th collage that he went to is Ohio state university Jesse Owens was a top student and A+ student..

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens childhood was the son of sharecropper and the grandson of the slaves.Jesse Owens was offends sick from his battles and with a Cronin brownish congestion and pneumonia Jesse Owens was picking 100 of cotten

Jesse Owens aludlthood

Jesse Owens has six brothers and six sisters .Jesse parents are Henry and Emma Owens.Jesse Owens has 3 children Gloria,Beverly and Marlin Owens...

Jesse Owens qdouble oquot

The battles that count are"t the one for gold medals.The sturegl within yourself-the invisible invent battles inside us

What i learned about Jesse Owens

what i learned about Jesse Owens is believe in yourself . And you don't need to care about what other people think about you just be happy of what you are..

what is Jesse Owens amazing about

Jesse Owens is a athlete,funny, amazing,fast runner

what we should know about Jesse Owens

what you should know about Jesse Owens is he is a athlete and the grandson of the slaves. he broke the world reward

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The website that i used is Jesse