Drug and Alcohol Abuse

By: Connor Surges

A Poem By a Teen

This poem talks about the struggles a teen has dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. He uses this poem to convey the challenges that abuse has created for him, and the challenges between him and his family and community.

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This chart uses different colored bottles to show different grade groups. This chart shows that a majority of kids using alcohol think that there is no risk when drinking.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse

This website talks about understanding abuse. The website also has a section going over abuse facts.

Alcohol Abuse Charts and Info

This website talks about what is Alcohol abuse, and also includes charts and statistics.

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This chart shows what percentage of Americans have a substance or alcohol abuse issue. To show this it uses different colors and a pie chart with a legend on the side to show what color is what substance.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness
This video uses pictures, music, and text to try and show people drug and alcohol abuse.
REAL LIFE DRUG STORY VIDEOS -- Drug Addiction Experiences/Teenage Drugs Stories
This video is used to show the reality of drug and alcohol abuse from first hand accounts of teens who have struggled with abuse themselves