Lemuel Smith

By: Samantha Lushbaugh

Backgroud Info

Had a criminal record for burgulary and other minor cimes. Lemuel Smith was a suspect for a series of murders that happened after he was released from prison.

Date: March 1978 Smith confessed to 5 murders, he was sent to a mental facility, and in 1981 he murcered a worker at the facility.

Crime Scences


1. Dorothy Waterstreet & Robert Herdderman

2. Margret Byron

3. Joan Richburg

4. Maralie Wilson

5. Donna Payant, corrections office, dumped in dumster

He would kidnap his victims, rape, and mutilate their bodys.

He was caught because he bit Maralie Wilson on the nose and they matched it to his teeth, he also bit Donna Payant.


-After he confessed his defense suggested that he had a multiple personality disorder and he was found guilty, sentanced more than 100 years in prison collectivaly, he was sent to sent to Green Haven Correctional Facility in 1977

-Evidence convicting him was a match bite mark and his confession

-After murder of Donna he was sentenced to death in 1983.

-A legal technicality makes his sentence life in prison.

-Still alive today.