Weekly Launch

September 24-28


Please turn in any RSVP's for the Watch D.O.G.S. event in my box.

Please remind parents about the upcoming dates-Picture Day, and International Night

Hope you enjoyed the CBHS drum line today! THey were awesome!

Please continue to have conversations with your students about threatening words. We are still having issues. Thank you!

Important Dates

September 24-Jen B out in a.m.

September 25-Jen B out in a.m.

Standard Based Grading Chat-3rd grade

September 26-Picture Day

See you at the Pole-7:30 a.m.

CBHS girls basketball dismissal

Faculty meeting-3:30-snacks provided by instructional specialists

Standards Based Grading Chat-4th grade

September 27-

Dreambox Webinar

International Night-6:00 pm.

September 28-2nd grade BAS window closes

BOY AMC Counting assessment ends

Teacher Self Reports due

Kinder Counting, 1st grade Combinations and 2nd grade combinations end. Must have data inputted into AWARE

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Effort

Word of the Month-Resoect

Morning Announcements-Campanari

Curriculum Corner

Stations/Student work

K-students are focused on reading books, comprehension and some phonics activities

1-2-mainly focused on reading books, fluency, and comprehension

Stations aren't to keep them busy, it's to give students practice on learning progressions

3-5-remember to keep working on building a community of reader's in your classroom. Hopefully you are sharing your great ideas with Sandy and others. Be sure to tweet them! We are looking forward to sharing them with Laura in October.

Make sure your students are spending time in Dreambox. Encourage parents to let kids work on Dreambox at home. Don't forget to be pulling your Dreambox data to determine the need to assign focus.

Goal Setting Ideas

Benefits of Goal Setting

  • provides direction
  • clearer focus on what is important
  • clarity in decision making
  • gives a person control of their future
  • increases self motivation and self confidence
  • gives a sense of personal satisfaction
  • Gives a sense of purpose in life
  • a Superintendent Target and a priority in the district
Big picture

Word of the Week-accurate

Morning Meeting Idea

Compliment Corner

Lora Steiger needs a compliment because she has taken on several role on our team this year. Thank you for wearing and juggling so much for our team this year. Stephanie Hirsch

Susan Bush needs a compliment because she helped me when my laptop went black and I couldn't find a tech person on campus at the moment. Stephanie Hirsch

Shout Outs

Shout out to Mallory Davis and Heather Patterson for having great sub plans! Melissa Lavoy shared how awesome they were!

Shout out to Terri May for buying Shara Mills an iced coffee after a rough day and Jeannie for going to get it for her!

Shout out to Jen Murray and Susan Rizzo for chaperoning Character Crew at the Brook Homecoming parade!