Diablo takes over the world!

Superhero tries to stop villain!

How i got my powers

It was a stormy day and I was walking home from work while I was walking I got struck by a lightning bolt and just was lying there to someone found me and called the police and my body was electrocuted all over when people saw me when I was in the hospital everyone ran out they called the police on my so now i am an outcast a shadow

I am trying to trap the superhero

I yell help help!!! then I see this giant buff guy in front of me he says I heard a someone call for help he says was it you I say yes he says what do you need I say I am here to destroy him he says hahahahah are you serious ( then i reveal my self) he says woh maybe you can I shock him he says aghhhh.... hmmm I will I put him behind bars i say never I then use my shock again to finish him then he charged and hit me I dodged and hid underground then I appeard and punched him in the back then our powers colided at one point then made a giant explosion then it was over I had won world domination was mine!

this is the list of people