Eng 2 Independent Reading

short stories & poetry


Book Cart & The Library

Examples of print poems and short stories can be found on the cart, or search the library catalog here for more print choices.



Lit Finder

To get here, you'll need to log-in through MackinVIA.com. If you have not created a personal log-in, you'll need to use the generic Heritage log-in.

Once logged in you'll do an Advance Search. Here's how:

  1. Click the "Open Now" button next to Literature Resources from Gale.
  2. Click on the Advanced Search link.
  3. Next to keyword, type "culture."
  4. Leave "to documents with full text" clicked.
  5. Uncheck all of the "by content" boxes (Biographies, Multimedia, etc.).
  6. In the "Document Type" list, press control to highlight poem and short story.
  7. From the "Search In" options, only click Lit Finder.
  8. Click search.
  9. You can limit by cultural topic on the left.



Certain public domain titles are available in unlimited quantities from OverDrive. You can download these to your devices or read them on your computer. You don't have to check them out, so once you download them you have them forever. Free!

Here's how:

  1. Visit our OverDrive site.
  2. Type your student ID number.
  3. Click "Explore" at the top and choose "Classic Ebooks".
  4. Under Browse Subjects, choose "Poetry" or "Short Stories".
  5. Download to a device or read on your computer.