Engelsiz ve Mutlu Yaşam Derneği -TR

EVS Accredited Organisation - PIC No: 949285845

Looking for partners for Erasmus+ EVS

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Engelsiz ve Mutlu Yasam Dernegi

We are an organisation that will be coordinating projects.

We are an organisation that will be sending volunteers.

We are an organisation that will be hosting volunteers.

Ankara, Turkey

EVS accredited

PIC no : 949285845

Certify: AGH-2015-198

Receiving, Sending, Coordinating

Creativity and culture; Access for disadvantaged; Disabilities - special needs


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Barrier-Free and Happy Life Association (EMYD)

Barrier-Free and Happy Life Association (EMYD) organizes events in the fields of education, art, culture, introduction of culture, health, tourism, informatics, technology, agriculture, environment (nature) and sports through accelerating the integration to communal living. And in these fields; we strive to transform the disadvantaged, impaired, underprovided, and marginalized groups of people into a productive majority that can make a significant contribution to Turkey's development and thereby help Turkey catch up with the world standards. We are basically aiming at improving the quality and standards of this kinds of groups and helping out to raise the consciousness of a knowledge-based society throughout the country.

Given our aims and objectives, we develop and implement sociologically-informed innovative projects for children and teenagers in general, and for the physically, mentally, and socially impaired and disabled, and disadvantaged and underrepresented individuals; chronical disease groups including substance abusers and requirement groups of all descriptions.

We develop and implement projects focusing on exchanging information and experience, conducting research, developing and collectively implementing projects with corporations, both in Turkey and abroad, that seek solutions for social problems. Participating in these activities so as to increase the feeling of togetherness, communication, sharing, and interaction and active participation in communal life is one of the most important purposes of our organization.

In a nutshell, we strive to increase and develop individualistic efforts for a healthy, self-aware, peaceful, and successful society and thereby contribute to the public welfare. As a result, interaction and active participation in communal life is one of the most important purposes of our organization. To accomplish this, we aim to share and disseminate information and experience either as an operator or as a participant of the projects, events and activities that intends to raise the participation of citizens and other members of a community as to the enhance the quality of communal living. We believe that participating in these activities would increase sharing and communication between different groups, sectors of the community contributing to the better integration of a community and its place in the globe as well.

Some thematic focuses of our Association are, but not limited to, environment, eco-living, employment opportunities, social exclusion, equal opportunities, democracy, citizenship and human rights, arts and culture, and youth leisure.

The members of our association are mostly women and teachers. But, its main target group is not only the women and disadvantaged groups but also whole society. It means that an important part of our members lives in and around agricultural activities. Our association, in this context, we take our place beside our members in every area they need:

• To stimulate the empowerment of individual in order to invite them to play a constructive role in the development of their own communities and raise people's awareness of everyone's responsibility in tackling unemployment supporting creativity and innovation.

• To develop double-prolonged integrated actions to enlarge the capabilities of unemployed people in participating actively, freely and meaningfully at local and European level.

• To develop skills and competencies of youth/adults according to the “European framework for key competencies for lifelong learning”.

• To promote youth/adult education by using non-formal learning approaches.

We want to send Turkish DOWN SYNDROM Youngsters as Volunteers (2 weeks)

We are looking for HOSTING organisation..
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