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Plickers is a tool that enables teachers to gather formative assessment data in the form of multiple-choice responses through the use of printed response cards and one camera-enabled device. Smartphones and tablets both work with the free Plickers app installed.

Where does Plickers fit into the BISD Digital Learning Platform?

Feedback based on Student Performance

In classrooms with only a teacher's smartphone, students can respond digitally using the Plickers cards. The digital response can then be analyzed and assessed via the Plickers live results. This type of fast and efficient formative assessment is powerful for teachers and engaging for students of all content areas and grade levels.

Plickers Tutorial- Setting Up an Account and Creating a Class
How to Use Plickers in the Classroom

Good to Know!

1. Teachers may simply print the response cards off the website for free on cardstock or paper.

2. Teachers may also choose to purchase the matte laminated cards directly from Plickers for about $20.

3. The regular shiny type of lamination that is common in school work rooms is not a good idea for Plickers cards because the shine affects the scanning.

3. Teachers often like to write the corresponding letters on the back of the cards to make it easier for students to choose the answers that they really want to choose.

4. The smartphone or tablet MUST be held in the vertical orientation when scanning the responses because the orientation of the cards is what is being read by the scanner.

5. Play with it a bit before you run it the first time. The site isn't extremely user-friendly, but once you get the hang of it, it does provide instant feedback and can increase engagement.

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Classroom Management Ideas!

Some teachers give students their Plickers cards to hold onto all year for quick formative assessment. This teacher had students attach their Plickers card to their class journals.

Other teachers have one class set of cards and they assign numbers to kids in each class period. Depending on how you want to look at the data, you can use Plickers anonymously, with an ID number that you can refer to later, or with student names linked.

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE Plickers Account

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Step 2: Create Classes!

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Step 3: Type in Class Period Info and Copy/Paste Rosters from Skyward (or not)

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Step 4: Build a Question Library (Make a folder for each topic and then add ?s)

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Step 5: Type and Add Questions

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Once you add a question, you must add to your QUEUE and add to a class.

Adding Questions

Step 6: Go to Live View on your screen and open the app on your phone.

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Get out Your Phone!

Print those Plickers Cards (free to print or you can buy on Amazon)

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