Mt Eliza Primary School Newsletter

News for the Week of Monday 1st October 2012

Help Us Clean Up Canadian Bay Beach

Dear Parents and Mt Eliza community,

Our school has decided to clean up our beloved beach. On a recent excursion, our Grade Four students visited this area and were shocked at the state it is currently in. Rubbish all over. Rubbish was intertwined with seaweed and a seagull even had part of a plastic bag stuck on its leg. So, we need your help..

We would like you to join us in improving the current state of our local summer escape. This project will run every Tuesday afternoon from 3.30pm - 4.30pm. Everyone is welcome. We will join hands in clearing our beach. If you have a garden rake, shovel or gloves bring please them along you.

This is a fantastic way to show our students and children that caring about our local community is important. By coming together with this project initiative we clean up our local paradise and set a leading example for our kids.

Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

Kind regards,

Miss Rachel Woods

Grade Four Teaching Enthusiast