Logging Industry

Cole Morris

The Logging Industry

The logging industry is a very dangerous and rewarding job. You may want a business degree so that you can control the bills, paychecks, etc. Virginia Tech is great college to go to for these purposes. You do not have to have this degree, but it would be very rewarding and could boost your company to the top.

Logging Salary

The logger salary is $33,630 a year and 16.17 per hour. This may not be the highest paying job, but is still very rewarding in many ways.

Job Description

Logging is a very dangerous job to have. Loggers use many pieces of equipment. Such as: chainsaws, axes, wedges, skidders, tractor trailers, knuckle-boom, and many others. Loggers clear trees for many purposes. Clear cuts are used for fields, vineyards, places to build a new house, and many other purposes. A selective cut is when a logger selects specific trees for the purpose of selling the tree to a mill to be used for making boards. Loggers leave or replant small trees after the logging is done.
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