Snail Mail

January 22, 2021

Looking Ahead

January 21- 22 - NO SCHOOL ( K-3 only)

January 25 - In Person Learning Begins for Kindergarten

January 27 - Distance Learning Supply Pick up (10-11am, 2-3pm, 4-6pm)

*** This is only for students in classrooms: Delly, Friesen, Johnson, Nelson, Walseth***

January 28 & 29 - NO SCHOOL

February 15 - NO SCHOOL

February 16- Family Event with Author Debra Frasier

Return to the Classroom

In Person Learning will begin for Kindergartners on January 25th for those families that have chosen this option. A few reminders for families:

- Please send all outside gear with your child each day: snowpants, boots, hat, jacket, gloves

- Please send a reusable water bottle with your child

- If possible, send an extra mask with your student in case theirs should become soiled or wet

- Attempt to wash masks nighty to avoid build up of bacteria

Distance Learning Supply Pick up

Students who are in the distance learning model have a supply pick up on Wednesday, January 27th from 10-11am, 2-3pm, and 4-6pm. Please pull your vehicle to the front entry of our building and provide staff with your child's name and teacher. As a reminder please return any classroom books or library books your child may have.

Drop off & Pick up

Please view this 3 minute video explaining the Snail Lake Parent Drop-off & Pick-up process. Click on the map to the left for a bird's eye view as well. If you have any questions regarding the process, please call the front office at 651-621-8000.

End of Semester Report Cards

As another reminder, teachers will not be completing end of semester report cards to send home to families. Instead, we are relying on teachers and families staying in close contact throughout the year to share progress updates and plan the best support for their children. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about their progress so far this year. Each family will be invited to a mid-year check in meeting with their child's teacher in mid-February.

Bus Information now in ParentVue

You can now view your child's bus pickup and drop off times in ParentVue. Simply login to your ParentVue account, click on "student info," and scroll down under the heading Transportation.

Reporting Attendance in ParentVue

Families now have the option to report student attendance from ParentVue. Simply login to your ParentVue account, select the child you wish to enter attendance for, and click "Report Absence." Once you have submitted your attendance the office will receive notification. If you cannot login or do not use your ParentVue account please call the office attendance line at 651-621-8001 to report an absence.

Heart Healthy Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge™ is coming!

Our school is getting ready to kick-off KIDS HEART CHALLENGE! We are so excited to participate in this service-learning program from the American Heart Association. Kids Heart Challenge will teach your student(s) how to care for their hearts physically and emotionally while raising lifesaving donations. Get a jump start today by registering and choosing a heart healthy Challenge.

Mark your calendar! We will be kicking off Our American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge event on Jan. 25th and 26th Here is a fun sneak peak for you and your student to watch Kids Heart Challenge 2021 Teaser Video

Thank you for being part of the Kids Heart Challenge, supporting our school and the American Heart Association. Together, we will help save lives.

Ms. Crego, Ms. Woodcock and Ms. Murray

Physical Education Specialists

Distance Learners only - Library Book Exchange

If you have a student in the distance learning model, please check out new books at: . Your books can be picked up at the distance learning supply pickup on Wednesday, January 27th. Book Menu choices must be submitted by Sunday, January 24th

Please bring any books you need to return to supply pickup on Wednesday, January 27th from 10:00-11:00, 2:00-3:00 or 4:00-6:00.

Superintendent answers COVID-related questions

Superintendent answers COVID-related questions

  • Why are only kindergarten and elementary students allowed to return soon?

  • What will school look like when these students return?

  • When might middle school and high school students return to school?

For answers to these frequently asked questions and more, download this summary of Superintendent Lennox’s report to the School Board, or watch the report and discussion here.

Virtual Family Event with Author Debra Frasier

Turtle Lake’s PTA is sponsoring a Family Event with author and illustrator Debra Frasier on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. via Zoom. ALL family members are invited to participate, but we need to know basic information from participants for sharing the workshop link and for getting supplies to those who need them. Click here to complete the registration form.

“Before we come together I need you to be looking for a printed picture of a dog—or a cat—one for each person who is coming to play with SCISSORS, PAPER & GLUE. You could use a picture of your OWN dog or cat, but you will need to print it. Petfinder will show you the dogs and cats in your area who are waiting to be adopted. You are just looking for a picture of one that catches your heart—we are not REALLY going to bring them home! Just choose the one you like the look of and print off the picture. Pick one dog or cat for each member of the family who is participating in the workshop. If you think you can’t find a DOG OR CAT picture, let the school know on the online form for our Family Night and pictures can be picked up at school.” - Debra Frasier

Meal Updates

Free meals for all students

All students attending school will receive FREE breakfast and lunch daily through June 2021. If your student is only taking a milk, they will be charged $.60. If your student is in distance learning at an elementary school, you may continue to pick up meals at the locations listed below.

Updated locations for free student meals

FREE meals will be available for all students for curbside pickup at the schools listed below. Meal pick-up is available every Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the following locations. Please note the updated locations. Meals will no longer be available for curbside pick-up at the elementary schools.

Meals will be FREE for all students. Families and students will not need to provide a name or PIN number to pick up the meals. Masks are encouraged for those picking up meals, even while in their vehicle. This keeps the nutrition services staff safe as they serve the meals. For more information, visit our website.

Health Practices for In-Person School

Here are the health practices we’re expecting of families as students return to school:

  • Conduct daily symptom checks at home each morning using Home Screening Tool

  • Keep your child home if they or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Report the following to your child’s school health office or building COVID coordinator:

    • Any illnesses

    • COVID-19 close contact exposures or illnesses

    • Positive COVID cases within the home.

  • Be sure your child brings a filled water bottle to school each day.

  • Pack an extra mask in your student’s backpack. A ziplock bag labeled “clean” and “used” are great places to store them.

  • Please check the phone numbers for parents and emergency contacts in ParentVue so that we are able to contact you promptly in case of injury or illness.

Please remember that the health practices in place prior to our shift to distance learning are still important to help us create a school environment that’s as healthy and safe as possible. This is also a great time to review the Minnesota Department of Health’s Attendance Guide for Families.

CDC discourages travel

Mounds View Public Schools is not currently requiring quarantine following travel. However, families considering travel during this school year are encouraged to keep a close eye on guidance from the Center for Disease Control. Given the high level of COVID-19 spread in our communities, any unnecessary travel is highly discouraged. The CDC recommends the following: Think about what you would do if you became ill, need to quarantine, etc. while traveling. People who travel out of state are strongly encouraged to quarantine when they return home. Starting January 26, anyone traveling internationally will need to be tested three days prior to returning to the U.S. and have proof of negative results before boarding a flight.

These links can help you make informed decisions about travel:

Domestic travel

International travel

MDH travel and COVID-19

Learning model satisfaction survery

Learning model satisfaction survey

Earlier this school year, we asked families to take a survey to tell us how they thought the blended (hybrid) and distance learning models were working for their children.

  • 86% of families were satisfied that Mounds View Public Schools is doing its best to serve all students and families.

  • 87% of distance learning families were satisfied with distance learning.

  • 83% of blended learning families were satisfied with blended learning.

What responses and suggestions did parents provide for our school? We have compiled a summary of school-specific results here.



PTA Membership

Please consider becoming a member of the PTA. Membership allows you voting rights in meetings where a vote is required for budget reasons or other. All families and caregivers are welcome to attend PTA meetings regardless of membership. Last year we moved to an online system so please click the link below!

Memberhub Commerce Store

PTA Open Positions 2021-2022

President: We are looking for someone to train in to be the President for the 2022-2023 school year. The 2021 school year will be a co position to learn what to do. Contact for more information.

Vice President: This will be a support role to the President. Ideally you will work as the Vice President and then move into the President position. Contact


January PTA Meeting Rescheduled for February 8

Please join us on Zoom for a general PTA meeting on February 8, 7-8 pm. More info can be found on our website closer to the date and in upcoming Snail Mails.

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