Animal Research Red fox

caleb forey

A Red Fox's Ecosystem

The red fox eats mice,rats,are raibats the red fox lives in North America and the red fox is the bigest fox in the hoe word.The cubs are yong and need food the dog fox hunts for food.The mom satys in the den and with the cubs.When the cubs are 5 weeks old they come out of the den but they do not go far.By 2 weeks the cubs open there eyes.The red fox is a carivare it eats meat.

The Red Fox's Home

A home for the cubs

The red fox finds a raibat hole and dig it biger to fint in and have room they get dry grass to make a soft bed for her cubs.The cubs gorw and leve the den lern to cacth there own food.Hemans can be hertfull to them if you hunt them down and if you take away food form them.Resores Google,and EOL.They have tick fur to keep it warm.We can help them survive by not killing them and do not take food away form there ecosystem.