Kevin Systrom

by: Zoha K. and Jinan N.

Why is he famous?

Kevin Systrom is famous for being the CEO and Co-founder of Instagram, a social meadia app based on photography. He started as an intern at Odeo while he went to Stanford University. He than got a job at Google on the Corporate Development team.

History of life

{}Kevin Systrom first came into this world on December 30, 1983 by Diane and Douglas Systrom

{}he grow up in a wealthy town in Massachusetts named Holliston

{}Kevin Systroms parents didn't have another child after that, so Kevin is an only child

{}Kevin liked to work with technology when he was little because his mother was into technology and worked at

{}For collage, Kevin went off to collage at Stanford University

{}Now, Kevin Systrom is 32 years old

{} He went to a boarding school called Middlesex Boarding School

{} A few weeks ago he got married to Nicole Shuetz

{} In 2010, with co-founder Mike Krieger, he created Instagram

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Quotes by Systrom

  • "Great products sell themselves.”
  • "I think not focusing on money makes you sane because in the long run it can probably drive you crazy.”
  • "When people say that college isn’t worthwhile and paying all this money isn’t worthwhile, I really disagree. I think those experiences and those classes that may not necessarily seem applicable in the moment end up coming back to you time and time again.”