Apple Store VS. Google Play

The similarites and differences

Areas of Focus

It seemed to me that Google play's focus was less on apps than the Apple store. When you first open Google Play they bring out things like books, movies, and magazines. The Apple Stores focus was on showing a variety of everything, it also includes the newest and most popular things first. Another one of Apples focuses seemed to be how simple and easy to use they could make the store.

App Availability

For the total app count Google Play and the Apple Store are reasonably close with around 700,000 apps apiece. Apple however does have a commanding lead in developers with 43,185 compared to Google Play's 10,199. Also the Apple Store brings in a revenue 4 times larger than the revenue of Google Play.

Mobile Experience

When it comes to the mobile experience of the two stores i would have to say that its pretty close. The Apple store might be easier to use, with the information presented very clean and simple but I think Google Play has a ''cooler'' looking store because it is filled with images and moving tiles, a good visual experience.


In my opinion i would have to give the title for best store to Apple. First off Apple is the company who started the mobile app industry, the have the most people using it and the most revenue. When there is a new app out you see it first on the Apple store. They have the simplest and easiest experience out there. I do believe Google Play has its positives too but for right now it doesn't come close to Apple