Walk Two Moons

by Griffin Fitzsimmons


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a thirteen year old girl named sal.Sal tells the story of Pheobe.Sal tells this story on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mothers grave in Lewiston Idaho.

Thesis statement

In the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech uses symbolism to give the reader a better understanding of Sals story.


One of the symbols that occurs frequently is hair.The first time Sharon Creech brings up hair is when Sal's mom leaves and cuts her hair." Don't ever cut your hair Sal."(Creech 92) One other example is when Sal is keeping her moms hair under the floorboard.I think Sharon Creech has included this symbol because it symbolizes a connection from Sal to her mom.Sal has this connection and once her mom cuts her hair sal feels like she is all by herself.


Another symbol that pops up is trees.The first time that Creech brings up trees is when she tells about Sal's middle name." My name is Salamanca tree Hiddle." (Creech 8) Another time when Creech brings up trees is when Sal says she prays to Trees."I was praying to every tree that passed."One more example is Sal's moms name.Sal's mothers name is Chanhassen which means "sugar maple" I think Sharon Creech includes this symbol because to Sal it symbolizes a safe figure that will always be there for her. I know this because she says she prays to trees.