Teach Like a Pirate

J.R. Irvin Elementary Weekly Staff Newsletter - vol 15

Mission Statement

We value every student, creating an environment for all to be successful!

TLAP Quote of the Week

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Albert Einstein

P is for Pirate

Dave and Shelly Burgess wrote a book which is the Inspirational ABC's for Educators. Every week I will include a snippet from the book.


Empower your student to walk the tightrope, swing on the trapeze, and do acrobats in your classroom. They'll take risks if they know you're there to catch them when they fall.

Burgess, D. & S. Teach Like a Pirate. (2014). Dave Burgess Consulting. CA: San Diego.

Teacher of the Week~Siebert

I grew up in a small town in northeast North Dakota. From there I attended the University of North Dakota, and worked in the state for three years before moving to Minnesota. There I spent several years working in districts around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, working in some of the biggest districts in MN. And while I was working there, I didn’t love the idea of sending my boys (who were just itty-bitty at the time) to those larger districts. Meanwhile, my husband and I had been considering options because the airline he worked for was merging with one located to Memphis (where we didn’t want to move). Then one day, my husband called me at work and asked if I wanted to move to Texas. It was an easy decision. We found Midlothian because a friend from college and family lived here and recommended it. I looked up the district, found a part-time position,
interviewed by phone, and have been working at J.R. Irvin ever since! I enjoy being at Irvin. It gives me the feel of the small town, and small school, like the one I grew up in, which I love being able to share with Lukin and Parker.

Please remember to email your grade level meeting notes to Shannon and Stacee.

Upcoming Dates

  • 12/14-Kinder, 4th and 5th extended lunch
  • 12/15 4th Grade Math CBA#2
  • 12/15 Bounce Houses provided by 3rd grade
  • 12/15 Faculty Meeting 3:15
  • 12/16 Winter Parties
  • 12/17 Karaoke Day during lunch with Thompson (More info to come. I will take care of everything!)
  • 12/17 & 12/18 Early release at 12:45
  • 12/17 Staff party at 1:15

  • 1/4 Relevant Review Staff Development 8:30-3:30 at FSMS
  • 1/5 Staff Development on campus~More info to come
  • 1/6 Students return
  • 1/6 ISIP Opens
  • 1/7 Read in the New Year
  • 1/8 Spelling Bee 4th and 5th Grades
  • 1/8 2nd 9 weeks newsletter article due to Thompson

December Teacher Birthdays

December 7: Fleeman

December 20: Dobbins

December 28th: Smitherman

December 30: Dunegan

December 31: Garippa

Strategic Planning

Check out the district website for the link to the strategic planning process that is occurring in our district now.

The board developed a new vision statement and then the strategic 30 last Thursday and Friday developed a new mission along with belief statements. The next step is action committees that will develop plans under specific objectives.

Link: http://www.midlothian-isd.net/strategicplan/index.html