ISIS Destroying Citizens' Towns

EQ: How Do We Stop ISIS From Destroying Citizens' Towns?

How do we stop ISIS from destroying citizens' towns? I think that we should put more effort into stopping ISIS than just saying when they touch our soil we will fight. There are already ISIS members here. Just because they joined ISIS doesn't mean the joiner has to go to Syria and fight. they could stay here and find out more on what the U.S. is planning to do and tell their friends in Syria. Think of it this way, if we were in Syria and ISIS was destroying our towns we'd want someone who is trained not some volunteer fighters that we drop crates of weapons and ammo for I'd want someone like the U.S. who could come and defeat ISIS very quickly. At least that's my opinion. The U.S. should put more effort into fighting ISIS.

PROS and Benefits

No PROS about a terrorist group that kills daily.

CONS and Dangers

Cons of ISIS are pretty much that ISIS is destroying homes in Syria. They won't stop until they get a ISIS flag on top of The White House. Dangers are there could be more deaths than we thought there would be in Syria.