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TUHSD Wellness Newsletter - Spring 2019

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Wellness Campaign ~ You Are Not Alone

In Fall 2018, Drake, Redwood and Tam Wellness put on a You Are Not Alone campaign on campus to increase awareness and prevention of teen suicide. Wellness staff, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Buckelew presented in classrooms to discuss the prevalence of teen depression and how to prevent suicide. These presentations sparked the creation of a You Are Not Alone poster campaign where we featured 13 unique posters made by students and staff to educate youth about mental health, to encourage help seeking behaviors and information about where to get support.

Wellness Community Partner Highlight: BACR Bay Area Community Resources

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is a non-profit that contracts TUHSD and schools throughout Marin and the East Bay to provide highly skilled mental health therapists and services to students in schools. Tam, Drake and Redwood each have two BACR/Wellness Counselors who work 4 days a week to service our highest needs students and Tamiscal has a therapist on site 2 days a week. Last year alone, BACR therapists provided individual counseling sessions to over 550 of our TUHSD students! BACR therapists provide support around family crises, behavior challenges, peer relationships, depression, suicide assessment, anxiety, academic issues, and substance use and abuse. BACR therapists collaborate and work closely with Wellness staff, School Counselors, School Psychologists, Teachers, and Administrators. While Wellness has increased student access and utilization of mental health services on campus, our ability to meet this demand is largely met through this incredibly important part of our team. BACR has had a longstanding partnership with the district (since 1976) and our students greatly benefit from their support on a daily basis.

Teen Wellness Film Series ~ The Mask You Live In

Please join us for a screening and expert panel on The Mask You Live In. The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Through interviews with youth program leaders, psychologists, sociologists and candid male middle schoolers, filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom examines the problems caused by societal expectations of male stoicism. You can watch a trailer for the film here.

When: Tuesday, March 12th at 6:30pm

Where: Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center, 1118 Fourth St., San Rafael

Who: Expert Panel Including:Ashanti Branch, Charis Denison, Adrian Vasquez, BJ Wasserman, Davis Bason-Mitchell, & Deb Blum

How: Click here to purchase tickets

* Arrive early to hear students from the Redwood band, who will be performing in the theater until showtime

The Teen Wellness Film Series is a partnership between

CFI and TUHSD Wellness and sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

Wellness Campaign ~ You Matter!

The students from the Drake Wellness Youth Council (WYC) coordinated a school wide event where all Drake students wrote on an index card why it is that someone they care about matters to them. The students gathered hundreds of cards and created a huge poster that hung outside of Wellness Center for the month of December reminding students that they matter in our community.

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TUHSD Wellness, Health Services & UCSF Nursing School Partnership

Our district's health services are growing as we welcomed Jessica Alegria, Health Specialist, to join Deborah Meshel, FNP, Credentialed School Nurse, to support student health on campus. When on site, our Health Specialist and Credentialed School Nurse provide basic first aid and support students with chronic medical conditions. In addition, our health services staff have partnered with UCSF Master’s Entry Nursing Program to host nursing interns in the fall and spring. The nursing interns work with our health services and Wellness staff to develop projects to expand health services and support on campus. Last fall, our nursing interns worked on sexual health education including de-stigmatizing STD testing and a contraception education board to provide teen-friendly information around birth control and safe sex. Our partnership with UCSF is in it's 3rd year and is coordinated in collaboration with TUHSD Wellness. For more information about TUHSD Health Services, click here

Wellness Campaign ~ Building Hope, Learning to Cope

Tam Wellness took on October with Building Hope, Learning to Cope, a six week campaign to teach students six different ways to regulate their stress levels. We called these strategies The Big 6 and they included: Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Mindfulness, Social Connectedness, and Fun. We encouraged the idea that balance in these six areas of our lives can make coping with stress easier. Each week the Tam Wellness Youth Council led activities relating to the strategies - for example, for social connectedness during lunch we put on a "low-tech" social networking activity showing students how they are connected to one another (even offline!). The photo above was taken during lunch at Tam during our Silent Disco to focus on our final strategy -- FUN!

Just Say KNOW! Workshops for Teens, Parents & Families

Just Say Know Workshop for Students:

This year TUHSD Wellness and Huckleberry Youth Program have partnered to create a two different workshops that teach about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the teenage brain and how teens can help themselves or a friend who has questions or needs support around abstinence, substance use and/or abuse. The plan is to offer this workshop for 10-12th grade students who have already taken the Social Issues course which also goes into depth about drugs and alcohol. In addition, Tam High is offering this workshop the first Wednesday of every month for students needing support around drug use and abuse and to the Peer Resource class to help provide students with the education and language to teach their peers. All TUHSD Wellness Staff have been trained with Huckleberry Youth Programs in presenting the workshop and will pilot at their sites this spring.

Resilient Families - Navigating Substance Use & Abuse through the Teen Years:

TUHSD Wellness and Huckleberry Youth Programs developed the workshop for teens and their parents/caregivers. This event encourages dialogue between teens and their parents/caregivers about substance use and abuse. The first workshop was offered in December 2019 and our next one is this coming February 12, 2019. Tickets are sold out but we plan to offer this parent/teen workshop multiple times in the year to come and ongoing for our community. In this 90 minute workshop, families are introduced to the landscape of teen substance use and abuse in Marin County, information about adolescent health and brain development, and strategies to help build communication and understanding between youth and their caregivers. Resilient Families is intended as a first step in establishing a common ground around this pressing issue.

*This project was generously funded by the Tam High Foundation's Safe Schools Grant 17-18

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