Newsletter Week 2 Term 1 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville January 15th 2022

Principals Message

Kia ora Koutou,

We love to see the sun shine so brightly. It certainly was a wild and windy weekend! Lots of acorns and small branches drop to the ground around our school. Acorn season is a little early this year. We are happy for the children to play with acorns but here are our reminders:

  • no throwing acorns, at all, not even a little bit
  • stashes of acorns around school are a no no.

We encourage the children to drop off the acorns into the red bins so that we can distribute them to people that would like them. Speaking of which, if you know of someone that could use buckets of acorns, please get in touch.

A big thank you to all students who took the time to bring their Yummy Apple stickers along to school last year. Because of this great effort the school has received $547.00 of sport gear for our PE Shed. Great work everyone.

COVID cases are multiplying and the Government has announced that we will be moving into phase 2 of the Omicron plan. Phase 2 reduces isolation periods for contacts from 10 days to seven. Below is our School Community Plan in response to confirmed cases in our school community. If you are a confirmed case or have a confirmed case in your household, please contact asap.

God Bless you. Keep safe, keep well. May your light shine.

Andrea Colebourn


COVID Update

Household members of Close Contacts

We have just been informed of a policy change around household members of Close Contacts. Previously, people that live with a Close Contact have had to isolate until the Close Contact returned a negative 5 Day test. We have been informed by both our National Office and the Waikato DHB that this will no longer be required in our region and that household members do not need to isolate and can continue working, attending school etc. Please note, this only applies to those who live with a Close Contact, People who live with a Confirmed Case are Close Contacts themselves and will need to isolate and be tested.

Confirmed cases connected to our school

If/when there is a confirmed case connected to our school, the following steps will be actioned. Please save this information and keep it handy.
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Taku Wairua

We are very pleased to offer the Taku Wairua programme in our school this year. The personal development program focuses on the four main pillars of well-being- Belonging and Identity, Self Discovery, Goal Setting and Citizenship. Taku Wairua will run for the first two terms and it involves our year 5 and 6 students (Whakatipu Hub and Room 6). The first session was held yesterday and we were so fortunate to have Dwayne Sweeney come and present to our children. He spoke about resilience, loyalty, caring and sharing, and being proud.

First Communion, Confirmation and Reconciliation

We invite our students to undertake the sacraments of First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. You must:
  • be baptised
  • in year 4 or above

This year the facilitators will be using a programme called 'Growing Up Catholic' which is completed both online at home with parents and in group sessions for children in the Parish Lounge.Confirmation is 22 May 2022 and First Holy Communion is 19 June 2022

There is a parent meeting in the Parish Lounge on Thursday 17 February at 7 pm.

If your would like more information, please feel free to contact the Parish Office 07 889 5306 or contact Andrea 07 889 5306

Shining your Light

Congratulations to our Core Value certificate recipients. They have shown Manaaki already this term.
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Update Us Please

Have You Had A Change of Details? It is your responsibility to please advise us.

Can you please advise the office, not teachers, by sending a note, phoning or emailing if you have any changes of address, contact telephone details - home - work or mobile plus email addresses. Do you still have your land line??? It is imperative that we are able to contact you should an emergency arise.

Also, if you there have been any changes in your child's health status we will need to update our records. Thank you for your co-operation.

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Absentees, Messages for Your Child & Collecting Your Child Through School Time

Reminder... We wish to clarify the correct procedures as parents/caregivers for the following:

Absentees... There are three ways to advise the school of your child's absence. Please use one of the following with a brief reason as to why they are absent by 9.00am.

- Through our School App - Email - Phone (answer machine available)

Please do not advise absentees through Seesaw or email the classroom teacher..

Messages for Students... Phone the School Office by 2.40pm (answer machine available)

Please do not Seesaw message or email the classroom teacher.

Collecting Your Child During School Hours... Please phone the school office at least 30 minutes, or earlier if possible, before collection time, to arrange your child to be at the office waiting.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to these matters.

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Watch This Space

Our new PE shed is coming along nicely. Totalspan were very busy last week installing the outer shell. We are waiting for the partions to go in and the doors to arrive. After this, our shelving is going in. We can't wait! Once again, thank you to PFC for funding this project and to Peter Flynn for all of his hard work.
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Are You Able to Spare Some Time?

Calling for Master Chefs for Our Schools Weekly Thursday Sausage Sizzle

Master Chefs are required urgently approximately once per term for

1.5 hours on a Thursday to cook sausages and clear away.

When numbers allow, two Chefs usually work together using frypans in the school hall, producing top quality browning on those yummy sausages.

We welcome vaccinated parents to lend a hand. All money raised goes towards of student class trips or camps. Please email or phone the office on 8895306.

Unclaimed Lost Property

We have an abundance of Lost Property comprising of jackets, jerseys, sandals, hats and more. Please ask your child to check in case any items may belong to them, as students are just not taking the time to check.

Please Note: By the end of the week any unclaimed uniform items will be placed in the school second hand section, with unclaimed mufti clothes in good condition being taken to the Op Shop. Thank You.

Handy Hint: to mark initials or name on black sandals or shoes use bright finger nail polish that shows up.


Each Monday, our teaching staff start the week with a Prayer meeting. This week, Courtney Thomson shared this beautiful prayer with our staff. The focus was on Aroha and how we can give and receive love. Thank you Mrs Thomson.
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Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday/Thursday - Swimmers to town pool
  • Bus Vests issued this week
  • Friday, Feb 25th - Spirt Hour session
  • Monday, Feb 28th - Friday, March 4th - Student testing week
  • Sunday, March 6th - First Sunday of Lent
  • Wednesday, March 9th - Yr 4-8 Swimming Sports
  • Sunday, March 13th - Second Sunday of Lent
  • Thursday, March 17th - St Patrick's Day -Feast Day

Community Notices

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