By Connor James Romeo

Once upon a time there was a man named Bob and he didn't believe in christmas. But one night, on Christmas spirit came to his house and and took him from his bed
The spirit took Bob up in the sky and said,"Why don't you believe in Christmas?"Bob said,"I hate Christmas.I don't believe in it." At midnight the spirit took Bob to the North Pole to see Santa.Santa said,"You have to believe in Christmas."Bob said,"well i don't so how can you change my mind.
Then Bob looked around the North Pole and saw all of Santa's helpers getting the presents wrapped and ready for the helpers to load onto the sleigh, so Santa and the reindeers can deliver presents to all the children in the world.Santa then invited Bob on his sleigh so he can help Santa deliver the presents to sick aswell so Bob believes in Santa and Christmas
Finally half way through the trip Bob admitted that he was wrong.There is a special person called Santa and the Christmas spirit always make people happy and full of joy. Thanks to Santa Bob lived a happy and fulfilled life.