Monarchs & Milkweed

A Citizen Scientist Guide from the Upstate SC

Four Wings and A Prayer

I have been following, really chasing the monarch butterfly all my life. Danaus Plexippus/monarch is the butterfly king and needs our help. As a citizen scientist I grow nectar and host plants for butterflies, bees and birds. Come join me in my journey to save the Monarch and its incredible journey that travels through South Carolina twice each year!
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Monarchs and Milkweed
Flight of the Butterflies - Official Theatrical Trailer

Here you can find out how to plant and maintain a butterfly garden, known as a "Monarch Way Station."

Wyatt Farms and Monarchs

Come visit the beautiful Wyatt Farms this weekend. You will be amazed at all of the wonderful butterfly garden plants they have for you.

I am so proud of the steps Bess and Wyatt have have taken to help the monarch on their incredible migration this year. Yes, Wyatt Farms have asclepias plants for our monarchs. Come get yours. Monarch butterflies will be in South Carolina soon.

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Rosalyn Carter Butterfly Trail

Our former First Lady from our neighboring Georgia is doing great things for Monarchs and Swallowtails. Read to find out. Let's join on and create a stop in South Carolina.

E Booklets from Journey North ~ All About Monarchs

Research articles about Monarch Butterflies written by experts.

G Garden Street School

Digital Journal of their Caterpillars~


Read the journal by Garden Street School. Where are they seeing these caterpillars. Read closely to find out what other students are doing to chronicle their observations.
Raising Monarchs

Directions for raising monarchs and testing for OE. Citizen Scientists

What is OE and why is it bad for Monarchs?

In this article from University of GA you will find out about a parasite.