A Christmas Carol

Why should you see the play?

Reasons why:

In the beginning, Scrooge is an old person who is grumpy and fed up with everybody. The children run away from him the adults don't bother sending him letters and no one cares for Scrooge. Neither did I, though. One way that the play would benefit the audience more than the book is facial expressions, and tone of voice. Sometimes in books you can't tell whether someone's joking, or what way they are trying to say something, but in the play you can tell how they are saying something by the way they are saying it. For example, Scrooge in the beginning was being rude and saying that he wouldn't give for Christmas because it would not benefit him, but if you had watched the play he could have said it sarcastically, and it would change your opinion about him and the sentence.

Secondly, instead of reading the book you should see the play because of the visualization. Visualizing is an important factor in both reading and plays, but if you see the play they can help you understand what is going on, and in the book you have to make it up for yourself. For example, the ghosts of Christmas looked different, and better than I imagined in my head. There were really cool effects that made the Ghosts of Christmas seem very realistic.

Lastly, Instead of reading the book you should see the play because of the sound effects. The sound effects and the lighting made the play and the whole story seem more dramatic and more intense. Books are more mellow than plays and sound effects help boost the momentum. For example, when the first ghost of Christmas came I jumped out of my seat! It surprised me and that's what made the play more interesting and dramatic!


The Sacrifices Scrooge made:

During the play, Scrooge makes sacrifices by forgetting the past and focusing on the future. Although it's hard for him he becomes more aware of how it can benefit him. They ghosts lead him to happiness. One sacrifice that I have made is when we were in Puerto Rico, we went parasailing. There was another family with us, and only 3 seats available per ride. It was me, Delaney, Audrey, and my mom. I wanted to go with my mom and one of my sisters but I knew that I wouldn't be the only one wanting to, so I made a sacrifice by going with the other family.