Mrs. Zickert

Kindergarten - Deerfield Elementary School

February 2-7, 2014

Our theme for the week was space! The students enjoyed learning about the planets and astronauts. Our play centers for the week also incorporated our theme. The students played with moon sand in the sensory table. The hit of the shelf toy center was the Little People space station. Puzzle center included new space puzzles and the art area had several space pictures. The quote of the week came from a little guy who said, "Mrs. Zickert---you should bring us blue moon ice cream since we are learning about space!" Smart little guy! Sorry, no blue moon ice cream though!

Our field trip to UW-Whitewater is next Wednesday. A reminder, ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED A BAG LUNCH that day. We will be eating when we get back to school, a little later than our normal lunch time. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to chaperone. I wish you could all come! A reminder to those selected, please send in your payment for your ticket before Wednesday! Again, thank you! We are looking forward to a fun morning filled with great Eric Carle stories!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! We will celebrate on Friday with many fun activities throughout the day. In the afternoon, we will have ice cream sundaes for a special snack. I sent home a class list to use when making Valentines. We will be making containers to put our Valentines in at school, so you do not need to make one at home.

The 100th day of school is sneaking up on us as well! February is a busy month!
If we do not have any more school days cancelled, the 100th day will fall on Monday, February 17th. If you are finished with your 100th day superhero cape, you can send it back to school. The students can dress like superheros and wear their capes that day.

The Scholastic book order is due on Monday, the 10th.
The Solar System Song

Reading & Writing

We began a new reading theme: "Let's Celebrate."
This theme focuses on the different types of celebrations and different ways families celebrate. Our new popcorn words can be found on the red flashcards. Our new word for the week was "my."
Other reading concepts included:
word webs
puppet show (will be our Inquiry project next week!)
practicing our 5-star writing throughout the week


Math skills for the week included:
*great than/less than
*writing and solving number stories (5+3=8 / 6-2=4)
*talking about 2 digit numbers and finding them on the 100's grid by giving clues

Upcoming Unit...

Our next unit will be:
Valentine's Day

Classroom Helpers...

Calendar: Ruben

Teacher Assistant: Arden

Hand Sanitizer: Madyson

Caboose: Gavin

Equipment: Paige

Substitute: Johnathan

Librarian: Jacob

Star Of The Week

Ruben has 5 people in his family. His favorite color is orange and his favorite toy is his "Robot Raptor!" He loves animals, but the best animal is a leopard. His favorite food is white buns with jelly. On Friday, his family joined the classroom with their dog, Clarabelle and shared Ruben's favorite food with us! Happy star week Ruben!

What's Coming Up In Kindergarten...

February 12 Early Release @ 1:20
February 12 Field Trip to UW-Whitewater
February 14 Valentines Day--classroom ice cream sundae party