Registered Nursing at Dccc

Monthly/Yearly salary!

  • Monthly Salary: $5,544
  • Yearly Salary: $54,520
  • Hourly Salary:$27.26
The low pay is about 10% / about $21.72 hourly / about $43,440 a year. The median pay is about 50% / about $27.26 hourly / about $54,520 a year. The high pay 90% / about $30.04 an hour / about $60,080 yearly.

Students learning at DCCC

The classes I can take at East Davidson!

The classes I will have to take at East Davidson are basic nutrition, chemistry, psychology, human anatomy, physiology, human development, microbiology, nursing science, pharmacology, and communication.

Work Environment!

You can work in a hospital, physician's office, home health care service's, nursing care facilities, and ect.

Number of jobs in 2010 was 2,737 and is going to grow 26% from 2010 to 2020 (faster than average)

What I can get

  • Associates degree
  • LPN to ABN optional
  • Advanced degree two year college option

Jobs available

  • Staff nurse
  • Clinical nurse
  • Operating room nurse
  • Cardiac care unit nurse
  • Oncology nurse ( Cares for cancer patients)
  • Charge nurse

How much the tuition is for DCCC!

Yearly cost for school is $14,230 for 2 year's!

When I become a home health nurse.

A home health nurse works with patients in their homes. These nurses usually work with elderly, but sometimes younger children with mobility or development problems. A home health nurse would rather work at a home instead of a hospital.

Additional Information

RN's provide and coordinate patient care educate patient's and there families. Patients usually are nice and sweet, but sometimes you will get a old grumpy person but that's ok they can not help it. Nurses promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with there illness. They have all unique scope of practice and can practice independently. They have new work environments everyday and face many challenges.