Baroque Era what makes it different

The Baroque Era was an era from 1600-1800

Baroque Era

During this era instrumental music became just as important as vocal music. The Baroque Era used many instruments that were used during the Renaissance. During this period, there were improvements to the instruments. Another very important development of the Baroque Era was the development of the violin family, this occurred at the end of the 17th century. The Baroque Era is also responsible for developing common instruments that we use and know of today.

Composers who contributed to the Baroque Era

Claudio Monteverdi had great influence in the late Renaissance along with the Baroque Era. He is credited with being one of the first opera composers and his style became standard in Italy.

Henry Purcell also had great influence on the Baroque Era he was a well known opera composer, a gifted singer, composer, and he attributed to the genre of opera.

George Fredrick Handel composed both instrumental music and he was famously known for his Italian operas and English oratories. He wrote two opera series that became prominent in the styling of the Baroque Era.

One influential women of that time period was Barbra Strozzi, although she could not hold an official position because she was a woman she still remained influential by continuing to perform and teach her musical abilities.

Johann Sebastian Bach is considered one of the MOST influential composers of the Baroque Era. He composed many genres and is one of the best known classical composers in European history!

Purpose of Music in Baroque Era

The purpose of music in the Baroque Era was to entertain, educate and to inspire people.
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