Culture Contributions


The Vietnam

The Vietnam came by boat to America because of war, religion, dictatorships and unemployment. It was a environmental reason . When they came over they brought there traditions which for example there food. And something America knows that we eat is rice cakes. A holiday they brought was International Labor Day

The Russian


The Russian came by boat as well. They came because of war to and no land.It was a environmental reason to. Like the Vietnamese. When they came they brought coloured Easter eggs or Easter. A spice they brought was caviare. Another spice Russian brought was Spice cakes.

The German


The German came by boat as well. They came because the government ruled them. Also they came because they wanted more land and money. Another reason for religious freedom. When they came to America they brought lots of beer because at that time they had the most beer in the hole world. Another thing they brought was Christmas and Christmas trees. We still have that holiday today. A food they brought was dumplings. We still have all this stuff today