Monday Memo

November 17, 2014

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Nov. 17 8:15 504 Meeting for SH

9:45 ARD for DU Simmons, Fedde

1:15 ARD for DN Espolt, Steigleder

3:40 Science Department Meeting

3:40 S.S. Department Meeting

Nov. 18 3:40 SST Meeting

3:40 Tech Tuesday

Nov. 19 Turkey Dinner Day

Picture Retake Day

Nov. 22-30 Thanksgiving Holidays

Nov. 23 Happy Birthday Jennifer Watts

Dec. 3 PLC

3 Week Reports

Dec. 5 Elementary UIL Competition in Callisburg

Dec. 6 Christmas Party

Dec. 7 Happy Birthday Janice Childress

Dec. 8 Happy Birthday Karen Antle

Dec. 10 Staff Meeting

Dec. 11 Staff Meeting

Dec. 15-19 Santa Store

Dec. 15 6:30 Christmas Program

Dec. 16 6:30 Christmas Program

Dec. 17 PLC

6:30 Christmas Program

Dec. 18 Happy Birthday Kerry Gooch

Dec. 20 Christmas Holidays Begin

Dec. 22 Happy Birthday Erica Puckett

Dec. 25 Happy Birthday Cheryl Spann

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Take a look at these to videos about SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol). These first 2 are on Lesson Preparation and Building Background.

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Sign up for your observation.

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