JCMS Team 10

October 7-11, 2019

Schoolwide Information

October 11 (that' s this coming Friday)--End First Quarter

October 14--No School

Week of October 21--Student Led Conferences

October 25--No School

Language Arts

It's almost the end of our first nine weeks! Students will turn in their final essays on Monday (they will have half the class period to complete any final touches). We will begin our new unit focuing on Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. We will study the historical context and explore issues of identity and prejudice. This is a rich text with so many oppotunities to learn and connect to today's world.

U.S. History

This week in U.S. History we pretended to be justices on the Supreme Court and analyzed a Supreme Court case a part of an 80% assignment. It is called Bill of RIghts common assessment and it was due today. The last day to turn it in is next Friday. For the rest of the week we studied the 3 branches of government and the seperation of powers.


We have been studying writing and solving equations from words problems.

The schedule for this coming week is:

Monday--Practice & Quiz (homework assigned--will be first grade on next term)

Tuesday--Inequalities Inroduction

Wednesday--Solving & graphing one-step inequalities

Thursday--Solving & graphing two-step inequalities

Friday--Interim Assessment--this is a practice state test (homework due)

If you have any questionss or concerns about math class, please email me at shannonjones@usd475.org.


This week we started how to manipulate sound. The students will be finishing this by the end of the week next week! We will continue to do labs in conjunction with the chapter.

There are assignments on schoology and, as always, I am an email away! nicholenay@usd475.org

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