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Happy Thursday! We hope this finds all of you doing well! Your children have been off to a great start and we are very pleased with how well most of them are doing following procedures and getting back into the swing of school. We tell your children that it should take 1 time for a trusted adult to ask them to do anything. It is very important that our students behave and act appropriately at school. Without structure, our school would not function well. Please know that we love your children-we will not expect anything from them we would not expect from our own children. We are strict, but we try very hard to be fair. Our goal is produce good readers, good mathematicians, and good friends. Trust us...we want your children to soar!

We need you to avoid blocking the driveways in the carline. Staff members need to be able to move in and out quickly. We had a fender bender this morning, but no one was hurt. The fenders weren't so lucky. Please be super careful while waiting in line. We don't want anybody hurt at Edmond Doyle. Please be patient. It goes more quickly than you realize. Please don't cut ahead of people and always be courteous. We were proud of the two people this morning-both conducted themselves very politely and were very caring about each other. This is the kind of behavior we love having modeled for our students!

We already have some people that will be in danger of being ticketed for absenteeism. 3 tardies= 1 absence. Documented and undocumented absences count towards the 10 day limit. Continue to bring doctor's notes. If a student reaches 10 days, a committee will meet and discuss if a ticket is warranted. Make every effort to be at school daily, on time, and stay until 3:00.

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Get on youtube.com and watch this video by Angela Duckworth about grit and perseverance. We believe this is one thing that we encourage at Edmond Doyle.

Go to www.niche.com and look up Edmond Doyle! You'll be proud of your school!

See you tonight at our Open House/Title One Meeting...5:30-6:30!!!

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth