Mauna Loa

The largest volcano in the world!

Where Mauna Loa is and a description of it.

Mauna Loa is located on an island in Hawaii called "Big Island or Hawaii'i Island. The latitude and longitude is 19 Degrees north and 155 degrees West. The elevation is 13,678 ft or (4,169 m).

A brief description of Mauna Loa is that it is the largest volcano in the world! Also it takes up almost a whole island in Hawaii. There are smaller volcanoes around it but they look tiny around Mauna Loa.

Eruption History and additional history

Eruption History

Mauna Loa is not a super active volcano anymore. The last time it erupted was April 14th 1984. There have been about 11 bigger eruptions and 22 smaller ones which means it has erupted about 33 times since 1843. Since the last eruption was so long ago scientist are expecting major activity when it does erupt next.

Additional History

Mauna Loa is about 4 Kl above sea level.

The name Mauna Loa translated to English means Long Mountain.

Scientist believe that Mauna Loa is between 100,000-200,000 years old.

A man climbed it in 1794 coming only 115 feet from the actual hight.


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