Americas Past

Pullman Strike

4000 factory workers of the Pullman company began a wildcat strike. They went on strike because the Pullman company laid off workers and lowered the workers wages. If it was significant because it stopped most of the railroads. I'm proud of this because the workers stood up to there bosses

Wage labor

Wage labor was a growing problem during industrialization. Many workers depended on there wages to live. But rising rent and lowered wages meant that they had to work more to get the same pay. I'm not proud of this because it made a lot of people suffer back then.

Close conditions

People used to live in the country, until industrialization hit. They where forced to move into city's because they had to be close to there jobs. This led to people having to be more social because they live in close conditions. This also meant that different cultures were colliding.

The Naturalization act of 1906

The Naturalization act of 1906 signed by Theodore Roosevelt, required any immigrants that come into the country to learn English before they become a citizen. I am proud of this because without that act, it would be a lot more difficult now a days to talk to some one because they would probably be speaking a different language.

The Immigration act of 1882

The immigration act of 1882 created a "head tax" that would be imposed on certain immigrants entering the U.S. I'm am proud of this because why not get more money off of them if there entering our country.

The Immigration act of 1903

What came along during the 1900's was immigration, that meant there was a lot of people flowing into america. President Theodore Roosevelt passed the Immigration act of 1903. This act was passed to regulate the flow of immigrate.

Women votes

The 19th amendment gave the right to vote for women across the country. After all the fighting and picketing done by women to achieve the idea that all could vote in the U.S. This goal was finally achieved for women in the U.S. women could finally vote.

Moving in

Movement of people from the country side to the city. Due to higher standards of living and newer technology that allowed farmers to need less hands. There for there were less jobs in the fields and more in the cities. So people flocked to available jobs inside the cities.


National association meant to improve the conditions for blacks in the U.S. Its main objective was to set the working and social playing field as equal as possible for whites and blacks. To limit the segregation of the two or to possibly completely level the playing field.


Political Progress would stop and help a lot of things including stopping slavery and helping the rise of literacy. I am proud of this because you never know that if we didn't do that we might not be able to read today


A movement to safe guard the natural beauty of the country. To protect some amounts of land from industrialization and to create some national parks. And some restrictions on cutting down and using all the natural resources of the U.S. to prolong the life of the natural resources at hand for later generations.

Big Stick Diplomacy

The famous quote "speak softly and carry a big stick" was told by Theodore Roosevelt. A foreign policy to influence other countries to have a peaceful outcome. To have a army at your back in times of diplomacy to make sure that things go smoothly.
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Platt Amendment

A amendment made so that the U.S. has the last say so in the Cuban decision making. That Cuba may not go into debt. And the U.S. practically has the right to intervene in Cuban affairs.


The thought that america had the right to more than what it did. And used what ever it had at hand to influence other areas to better the progress of the american economy. And used economy as the driving factor for the most part. America use to be a very imperialistic country in other parts of the world.

Yellow Journalism

One of the main causes for america to inter a war was due to the large amounts of yellow journalism in america. Yellow journalism is when journalist take things and put them way out of proportion in comparison to what they really are. And try to sway the public opinion to what they think should happen or to their view point.


A war of the world. A war between what was known as the central powers and the allied powers. In which america benefited greatly from this war economically and many other ways. America also gain new lands and European trust.


The MAIN was militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism. All these were the "main" causes for WWI. All these different things were what caused high tensions between European powers. Thus causing mass destruction and war.

The Treaty of Versailles

A treaty that ended WWi officially. This established new nations, gave some new lands back to the European countries in which they were taken from. And put Germany in place for blame of the war.