Focus on Fifth Grade

December 11, 2015


This week in math we have focused on triangles and quadrilaterals. Students should already know their 3-9 sided shapes. We are now focusing on the properties of all of the 3 and 4 sided polygons and how one shape may be called by many different names. We will be working on the hierarchy of these shapes too. We have taken a break from fractions and problem solving, but we will come back to in the third marking period. Students should be studying their Quizlet vocabulary for math. There will be a test next Friday on these words. Next we will move on to Algebra.

Science - Mixtures and Solutions

This week in science we have been working on Saturation. Students learned how to saturate a solvent, with a solute. They have learned how to determine how much solute it took to saturate the water. We will do this experiment a total of 3 times. The fourth time they will have a lab practical quiz on doing this by themselves. That will be one day next week also. They could practice at home if you have a scale, water, salt, and a container with a lid that they can shake up. We will then be moving on to how liquids can be concentrated or diluted and what to do to change that.

Winter MAP Testing Occurred this Week

Here you will find the results of your child's Measure of Academic Performance in math:

Fall Test Score: ________________Fall Grade Level:____________________

Winter Test Score:____________ Winter Grade level:_________________

5th Grade Mid-Year Expectation to be on level:______________________

Your child is invited to Math Concept Club starting in Jan. ____________ Yes

Extra Credit Math/Science has been handed out

Students may do one or both of the following projects:

1- Mixture/Solution Project - students may make crystal ornaments, following a recipe either that I gave them or off of the internet. They need to follow the PHOTO process. Please see the paper and have them follow the instructions for completing.

2- Beverage/Sugar Tracking for a week. Students have a paper on this too, it is very specific. Students must track what they are drinking for a week, (or someone else in the family if the student is not drinking much sugar). Students are to determine how much sugar is being consumed in one week, track the calories, and answer certain questions by keeping track of the data.

Both of these projects are due 1/05/16